Know the Basics

Here's a glimpse of what you can do with Command E 🤩


Can't wait to gain superpowers? 🦸 Here are three basic things to know.

1. Records


A record is anything (document, contact, webpage) you can find and open with Command E. Use the arrow keys to navigate records. ⬇️⬆️


2. Services


Services are types of records. For example: cloud apps you've connected to Command E (including Gmail, Slack) and Tabs that are open on your Chrome browser. Use the tab key to switch between services anytime while typing keywords.


3. Hotwords


Type hotwords to quickly jump to a service any time. Learn more below.

Start searching

To view all keyboard shortcuts, or customize some, from the upper right corner of the Command E app:

Click the gear ⚙️ icon → Settings


Cmd+E on Mac / Ctrl+E on Windows: Pull up our app from anywhere on your computer


Enter: launch record on your browser or desktop app


Cmd+C on Mac / Ctrl+C on Windows: Copy URL


Ctrl+Alt+H: Hide record

Ready to get started? 👊

Download desktop app
Setup Chrome extension

Did we miss something? Not to worry! Just email our support team at support@getcommande.com ✌️