Latest Updates

April 13, 2021

Three 🆕 features to help you make Command E your own and keep your favorite integrations and people always within reach. What's not to like? 😎

1️⃣ Lights out, it's Dark Mode 🕶️

By popular demand, you can now enable a darker color palette for all screens, views, menus, and controls, in Command E's Mac and Windows desktop apps. You can toggle Dark Mode on or off under Preferences 👉🏻 General.


2️⃣ Time to pick (and pin) your Favorites ⭐

Put your most frequently used Integrations front and center, so they're always within reach. Just visit Preferences 👉🏻 Layout where you star and reorder up to 5 Favourites.


3️⃣ Search and message your Contacts 📇 [temporarily disabled]

Composing a message or grabbing your mates email address is now faster than ever. Just use the Hotkey, ct to quickly access the contacts from your connected email services.


P.S. If you've connected to a Slack workspace quickly jump to a #channel or DM with the Hotkey sk

February 3, 2021

This release provides more customization so that you can set up Command E to fit the way you work.

Choose whether results launch in-app or in your web browser

If you have a desktop app installed for a particular service you've connected to Command E, we'll default to opening results directly in that app rather than in your browser, but you can now choose how you want results to launch from our Integrations page.


Customize which folders you want Command E to search on your computer

If you have Local File Search enabled, by default we'll search common directories but you can add any location you want us to search now:


Jump straight into meetings just by hitting enter

No need to grab your mouse and click the Zoom button on calendar results anymore - the default behavior for launching Calendar events is now opening straight into the video conference. We'll continue working towards making everything keyboard-navigable.

December 7, 2020

Search your calendar and jump into your next video call with one click

With our new Google Calendar integration, just pull up Command E as your next meeting approaches and the event will automatically be your first result - no search necessary. Click on the Zoom or Google Meet icons to jump straight in.

You can also see what else you have coming up by jumping over to the Calendar tab or searching "cal", and you can search for specific calendar events just like you would any other record.

Visit our Connectors page to add Calendar if you haven't already (gear icon in upper right corner → Add Services → Google Calendar).


Seamlessly create new Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

By popular demand, you can now seamlessly create documents in addition to finding them. Just search "new" and these actions will be right up top for you.


Find desktop apps and files on your computer on Mac and PC

We've added the ability to launch desktop apps and files on your computer so that everyone can enjoy the power of one search across all your tools. Visit the Preferences page within the app to enable local file search.

New integrations: ClickUp + Spotify

ClickUp: The future of work management—tasks, docs, goals, & more.

Spotify: Just in time to power your holiday tunes, we've rolled out a Spotify integration that'll let you quickly play songs in your Library.

October 15, 2020

Search + navigate to common folders and files on your computer

Tired of using 2 different search bars to find things in the cloud and on your own computer? Those days are over. You can now find common folders and files on your computer via Command E on your Mac. Windows users - stay tuned. 😎


Find Google Docs and Sheets by content, not just titles

Until now, to find Google Docs and Sheets in Command E you needed to remember the title of the doc. From now on, we'll also find Docs and Sheets that have content matching your search term as well.

Remember what you wrote in the second paragraph of a doc but can't quite remember the title? Or need to find that Google Doc or Sheet that your colleague created with an obscure title? We've got your back. 💪


Improvements to Chrome Tab Search

Last month we rolled out support for jumping back to open Chrome tabs, but there were some edge cases where Tabs wouldn't be available. 😬 We took another pass at this and the experience should be much more reliable now - give it another shot and please let us know if you see any issues here going forward.

September 22, 2020

Search + navigate to all your open browser tabs

Digging through 143526732 tabs to find a tab you left open in Chrome? Say no more. Just start a search in Command E with the "tb" hotword to only view your currently open tabs and quickly jump back to them.


(Chrome extension required)

Don't miss it: Save any page to Command E

Have pages you frequently want to jump back to quickly outside of our standard integrations? With our Chrome extension enabled, you can now save any page to Command E and also access your Chrome bookmarks by page title. To add pages to Command E, just click our extension’s falcon logo and hit save:


The fastest way to jump to your Calendar or Inbox

How many keystrokes does it usually take to get back to your Calendar or Inbox? Anything more than 3-4 keystrokes felt like too much, so we've pinned these pages at the top of each service's tab. Just get into Command E, tab to G Suite, hit enter and you'll be there.


New integrations: Coda, Airtable, and Quip

  • Coda: In a world full of applications, why do documents and spreadsheets still run the world? And why haven’t they been updated in over 40 years? Coda is a new kind of doc that brings words, data, and teams together. It comes with a set of building blocks that anyone can combine to create a doc as powerful as an app.
  • Airtable: All your Bases and Tables available faster than ever.
  • Quip: Jump to all your team's docs, spreadsheets, and slides in Quip. If you use Quip Desktop, you'll be taken straight to the doc you want in the Quip app.

Improved integrations

  • Figma: We now support multiple Teams so you can access all your files in Figma with one consistent pattern.
  • Google Drive: We increased the number of Google Drive records we make searchable in Command E and also improved support for shared Drives.
  • HubSpot: Improved search for Contacts.